Rise of the Shadar-kai

It has been eons since the Shadar-kai have roamed the lands of Avarian. They were human once, long before they swore allegiance to the Raven Queen. They were a small tribe of humans, who moved into the Shadowfell under the Raven Queen’s guidance. The darkness of the Shadowfell changed their appearences until they became a race of their own. Now, they have become the largest and most powerful race in the Shadowfell. King Zerathan rules over the Shadar-kai with absolute power.

The war between the Humans and Orcs have been forcing their troops into the Shadowfell, where they continued to wage battles. Their numbers grow fastly every day, and the Shadar-kai have been slowly reduced in numbers. Over time, their numbers were reduced significantly, and were in fear of being completely annihilated. King Zerathan called out to the Raven Queen, begging her to destroy the monsters that made the Shadowfell a living hell for his people. The Raven Queen received his pleas, but could do nothing to help. Doing so would be abusing her powers. However, she granted them help in the form of an artifact; the Heart of Darkness. She imbued it with her own powers and entrusted it with Zerathan. She told him to use it to tear open a portal to another world where they could live in peace among the other races.

Zerathan thanked the Raven Queen greatly, but had other plans. Realizing the power of the artifact, he planned on using it to conquer and shape the world they entered for themselves. There, he would rule over his people, who would serve as slaves under him, living in fear of his power. All the races of this world were to be exterminated. Once they were out of the Shadowfell, the Raven Queen could do nothing to stop him. The world would be his for the taking.

As he stepped through the portal, Zerathan was greeted by the familiar scent of death. They were in a tomb, deep underground. He led 500 of his kind through the portal and out of the catacombs. Upon surfacing, they found themselves within the walls of a magnificent city. They were quickly attacked be Eladrin and easily defeated. During the fight, the Eladrin had managed to acquire the Heart of Darkness. Out of fear for his life, Zerathan fled back into the catacombs, where he re-entered the portal to the Shadowfell, which closed behind him.

Outraged by Zerathan’s failure, the Raven Queen punished Zerathan by forcing him to re-enter the world of Avarian and retake the Heart of Darkness. She tore open a temporary portal to Avarian and sent Zerathan and 200 men through, closing the portal behind them. They were underground once again, this time in an ancient Dwarven city. The city was filled with the essence of the Shadowfell, granting the Shadar-kai the same amount of power they’d had in the Shadowfell. This city was soon named Banehollow, and became the stronghold of his race. Knowing that he would need help against the Eladrin, he sent out one of his men to find the greatest heroes he could find, and bring them back to aid him in his quest. In return, they would be greatly rewarded. Now, he sits on his throne, awaiting either eternal torment at the hands of his god, or for his heroes to come and clear his name. The fate of the Shadar-kai rests with them. Will they rise to power, or will they be wiped off the plane of existence?

Rise of the Shadar-kai

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